Previous Speakers

Yasin Sebastian Qureshi
Founder of NAGA Group AG
Vadim Onishchenko
CEO at Selfllery
Tomasz Bogocz
Senior FX Dealer at XTB
Timo Dreger
Investment Manager at coparion GmbH & Co. KG
Tetyana Skydan
Editor in Chief at
Dimitre Tzonev
Country Manager at Admiral Markets UK
Szymon Ciach
Associate at SSW Pragmatic Solutions
Szczepan Bentyn
Sylwester Suszek
CEO at BitBay
Sven-Roger von Schilling
Managing Partner at SVS CAPITAL PARTNERS
Sven Möller
Head of Tokenization Services at Swisscom Blockchain AG
Sean Prescott
Founding Partner & CEO at Unity Investment AG
Sandris Murins
Co-Founder of Iconiq Lab
Saar Levi
CEO at Cedex
Rushd Averroes
Rohan Kale
Video specialist for Blockchain
Robert Więcko
COO at Dash Core Team
Robert Viglione
Co-Founder of ZenCash
Piotr Gałka
Associate at SSW Pragmatic Solutions
Philip Young
Director of Gibraltar Stock Exchange
Paul Makowski
CTO at Polyswarm
Nick Sorokin
CFO at KZCash
Michał Polanowski
CEO at Allsporter
Przemyslaw Kwiecien
Chief Economist – X-trade Brokers DM S.A
Robert Lufkin, MD
Co-Founder at
Robert Etches
CEO at Exfluency GmbH
Ransu Salovaara
CEO at TokenMarket
Rafał Zaorski
Founder of Crypto Jam SA
Radoslav Dragov
Business Developer at Ambrosus
Michał Nowacki
Partner in Wardyński&Partners
Matthew Rodbourne
Business Growth Manager at Ethbits
Mateusz Łagowski
Digital Performance Manager at AllSporter
Martin Tiani
Blockchain & Business Analyst
Martijn Hoogeveen
CEO at Icecat
Markus Dold
Founder of
Marcin Cebula
CCO at BitBay Pay
Krzysztof Zdanowski - CEO at Summa Linguae SA
Krzysztof Wojdyło
Partner in Wardyński&Partners
Konrad Dąbrowski
Finance Director at Lucyd
Konstantin Plavnik
Co-Founder and COO at Xena Exchange
Klaus Stark
CEO at
Kim Rom
Chief Gaming Officer at Kinguin
Dr. Katharina Lasota Heller
CEO at Law LEXcellence
Przemysław Karda
Co-founder of Claxon
Kamil Kuchta
Co-Founder of
Juan Imaz Azcarretazabal
CEO at
José-L Senent
CEO at Orbi Network
Jean Charles Dudek
Co-Founder&CSO at Napoleon Capital
Jakub Mazurkiewicz
Founder at Travvil
Ivan Petukhovsky
Co-Founder of EXMO Finance LPP
Hideki Ehara
CEO at AI Innovation Japan, Inc.
Grant Blaisdell
Co Founder and CMO - Coinfirm
Genadi Man
CEO of Kasko2go
Gabriel Dusil
Co-Founder of Adel Ecosystem Ltd
Ewelina Madej
Senior Associate at K&L Gates
Egor Petukhovsky
Co-Founder of VISO Payments
Egor Malychev
Head of Partnerships at Vreo
Dr. Till Fock, M.C.J.
Partner at K&L Gates
Dr. Thilo Winkeler
Partner at K&L Gates
Denis Kagane
CMO at Goldmint
Dejan Roljic
Founder & CEO at ELIGMA
Dean McClelland
CEO &Founder at TontineTrust Limited
Davide Mitscheunig
Co-founder at Skillchain
Cristopher Zenios
COO & Co-Founder at Alcaeus Labs
Clement Thibault
Senior Stock Analyst at
Beata Marek
IT&IP Lawyer,
Brian Bossler
COO at TontineTrust Ltd
Barbara Lampl
Serial Entrepreneur, Associate Professor
Arkadiusz Kuich
Co-Founder of ARRINERA
Angel Versetti
CEO at Ambrosus
Andrew Zimine
Founder and CEO of Exscudo
Alyona Selezneva
Project Manager at SmartO
Alex Preukschat
Co-Founder / Blockchain strategy at Globatalent
Stefan Heilmann
CEO at IEG Investment Group
Philipp von Breitenbach
Senior Account Manager at XTB Deutschland
Aleksandra Kopeć
Lawyer at Sadowski&Partners
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